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Thanks for the Support

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     In the December Cabot Chronicle, we asked readers to consider making a year-end donation.  That plea resulted in over $600 toward the expenses of the paper.  Thank you very much to our generous readers.

     It costs about $15,000 to put out the Chronicle for a year.  One-third of that comes from fundraisers, most notably Maple Fest in March; one-third from the town appropriation; one-sixth from our wonderful advertisers and subscribers; and the remaining sixth remains a problem.  We're working on advertising, but this is a community paper that makes most of its space available free to community organizations.  Subscriptions and donations are voluntary, but necessary, so if you can, please make a donation or buy a subscription for yourself or as a gift. 

     Your support is very much appreciated, both financial and intellectual.  Please share any thoughts you have about future content or fiscal improvements by emailing Inbox@, phoning 802-563-3338, or writing to P. O. Box 245, Cabot, VT 05647.



Cabot Community Memorial Tree - 2013

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Bulbs were lit on the tree on the Common in honor of:


Cabot Ice Rink

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By Susie Socks 

     Thanks to a hard-working crew and very cold December temperatures, the Cabot Common rink is up and running weeks earlier than usual. On December 8, we assembled and leveled the frame, brought over benches, and set up the message board. The very next day we installed the plastic liner, and the Cabot volunteer firefighters used two tanker trucks and water from a Cabot Creamery settling pond to fill up the rink…an amazing 18,500 gallons of water!  Even with the unusual cold, it took 5 days for the rink slab to freeze solid. Unfortunately, while the slab was setting up, there was some snowfall, which adhered to the relatively warm ice, causing a crusty surface. Between shoveling and skating on the ice, much of the crust has worn away…a few resurfaces should make for a great skating rink.


To Resolve or Not to Resolve, that is the Question

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By Michelle Delaney      

Setting a New Year's Resolution can be a daunting task, surrounded by all kinds of feelings.  It can also be a great way to begin anew.   Some people resolve never to resolve.  Some people create a resolution every year, only to give it up within a week.  A few people make a resolution and stick to it.  What is it that makes some successful and others fail?


Cabot Town Government 2012 Financial Audit and Accounting Changes for 2013

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By Jack Daniels, Select Board Chair 

     On December 4, 2013, town auditor Linda Maclay from Fothergill Segale & Valley, CPAs, presented the Independent Auditor’s Report and Financial Statements for the year ending December 31, 2012, to the Select Board and the Town Treasurer.  The 2012 audit report is now available on the Cabot website,

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Cabot Vermont Annual Events 2014

March, 2014
Maple Fest 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Cabot School Gym
July 4, 2014
4th of July Parade and Field Activities
11:00 a.m. Main Street Parade
12:00 Chicken BBQ and Activities at Recreation Field
October, 2014
Fall Foliage Festival
Crafts, Tours, Rides, Hikes, Presentations
9:00 a.m. Coffee Hour
11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Luncheon
5:00 and 6:15 p.m. Turkey Dinner
Throughout town
October, 2014
Apple Pie Festival 9:00 - 3:00 p.m.
Apple Pie Baking Contest
Crafts, Apple Pies and Chili Luncheon
Cabot School Gym 


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